He says the N-Word (Updated)

Well it turns out that people don't like when Zack from The Offensive Line says the N-word. Nevermind the other slurs we used in the show as well over the years. I'm not going to make everyone happy with my views on this subject nor do I care. I was told two different times; "Oh you mean the show where the white guy uses the N-word?" --and keep in mind that I booked a few African Americans on the show as well.

The crazy thing is, it's something that is barely even used on the show. The one time I was mad at Zack for going overboard was on Episode 68 - Zack Drunken N-Bombs. Which you can still find online by the way, we're not about hiding anything. I got onto Zack for being really drunk and out of control off the show.

For me, I don't use it in my stand-up act because I want my sister-in-law, her kids, and family that are white to be able to talk about my set and repeat my jokes without having to censor themselves around others. You might be thinking, "Why aren't you saying N-word? It's ok for you buddy." but it's a handicap I'm happy with. When I say the "N-word", even when I'm on stage, a lot of you are going to say the real word anyway in your head. A lot of you are going to say it behind the scenes when African Americans aren't around. If you must know I really only use colorful language on The Offensive Line.


Louis CK N-Word


The other thing you'll learn when or if you listen to The Offensive Line, is that I support civil rights for gays and movements for unjust killings like Black Lives Matters. When a cop shoots someone I call them out on it. When a person kills a cop I call them out on it as well. When the Black Lives Matter group has a small pocket of people that do something wrong I point them out. You're going to get my real take on things and I'm not going to hold back. Just because I'm "ok" with someone saying the N-word on the podcast doesn't mean I'm ok with racism.

I'll keep in mind that some of you listen to morning radio. Well I get it that they can't use select words, however the African Americans on these radio shows can use the N-word if they choose to. Over the years the 2 that stand out to me was Bubba the Love Sponge over in Tampa and Howard Stern up in New York. Both these shock jocks use the N-word in the context of what a African American person said or a select statement reference in articles they're reading at the time. Both these shows have African American co-hosts on them. In both cases those co-hosts have the same views as me.

The last thing I want to point out is that you don't become the most listened to show on Radio Vegas Rocks because one guy can say the N-word. We do a show at Tampa Bay Comic-Con every year and this year we added a show. You get it by being funny and having a good show. As soon as someone says, “The Offensive Line podcast”, the words out of someone's mouth shouldn't be, "Oh that's the show where the guy says the N-word”, if you don't even listen to it. How about asking some of our black guests how they felt about being on the show.



Since Zack has reached out to another podcaster about making him look racist and the context using the n-word without my approval. As of right now he's no longer allowed to say it. I've talked to other comedians and podcasters about this, most don't care because it is my show but this is for the best. Plus I'm tired of being attacked for this so now we took something that was barely used down to not using it at all.


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